Now We Have A Beautiful Family Of Four

Hello Future Adoptive Parent(s)!

shutterstock_145478275Our story is a happy one and gets better every day. It all started with our then five-year-old daughter, Jillian and her kindergarten teacher. We have been trying to have a second child for quite a while and after three pregnancies and losing four babies inside of eight months we had just given up. John had a parent conference with Julian’s new card and teacher November 2004 and the first thing she said to him was “Please tell me you are having more children because Julian is such a joy to have in my class…” so John explained that we had tried and it just wasn’t meant to be. She told him about “A is 4 Adoption” and how her friend had recently had an awesome experience with them as she wrote down the phone number. We spent several days talking about it constantly and decided to make an appointment. After two hours with Laurie and Julie (who is no longer with them, but with a wonderful source of information to us!) We left having all of our questions and concerns satisfied and I looked at John and said “I feel like I just got pregnant!”

We spent all of Thanksgiving weekend filling out paperwork and putting together our birthmother letter, then submitted all of it on Monday to start the process. By completing the paperwork, we were able to let “A is 4 Adoption” know exactly what we wanted, A girl! Did not only found us our daughter, but the birthmother looked like me at her age and the birthfather look like John at his age! It had been less than two months and we were matched with her birthmother. Since she was already six month pregnant, we had only six weeks to get ourselves ready for this precious arrival! We met with Laurie, Sam and the birthmother once each month until the part. It was extremely emotional for all of us, but having “A is 4 Adoption” present really help to smooth out the process. Even though the birthmother was sure she wanted us to be her babies family, she was still very upset by the process. Laurie and Sam were incredible sources of support for all of us! She ended up going beyond her duty and her doctor scheduled in induction so we were able to drive out to the hospital to wait with Sam and meet our daughter 45 minutes after her birth.

We have had our beautiful baby girl, Kristen, since she was 18 hours old and our now six year old daughter Jillian is the best big sister we could ask for. She waited so long for her baby sister to ride that she is very loving and protective of her while finding new ways to make her giggle every day. Christian is brown eyed, with big kissable cheeks just like Jillian had. No one would know that she is not our own, this match was absolutely perfect and we now have a beautiful family of four we always wanted thanks to “A is 4 Adoption”!