Our Girl Is Such A Blessing!

Dear Parents To Be,

shutterstock_98870129This letter is to share our good news to recommend “A is 4 Adoption”. Our story is probably similar to others; we’ve been trying to have a child for number of years. After two miscarriages in countless rounds of fertility treatments, we decided to attend the annual Resolve Adoption Conference. We were initially considering International adoption, but that option did not seem to be right for us. It was clear that we met the wonderful people at “A is 4 Adoption”. We connected with Rose and Laurie immediately. We especially appreciated the fact that they were adoptive parents who had experienced adoption themselves. We also liked that their focus of concern was on the birthmother, who was making one of the hardest and most sacrificial decisions that any person could ever make. We signed up with “A is 4 Adoption” in May, 2006. In mid-June we received a call from Rose. There was a birthmother considering us to be parents of her child. We met with the birthmother in late June and a match was made . Our baby was born on August 16, 2006! That was only three months from the time we had signed up with “A is 4 Adoption”!

Alex is now 15 months old and seeing her develop daily is the greatest feeling in the world. She uses sign language to communicate with us, and she is our little clown, always laughing and playing with us.

Our girl is such a blessing! We are the luckiest parents to have her. Look at her and I think of what we may have missed by not attending the conference. The people at “A is 4 Adoption” were there every step of the way, and their professionalism was only out max by their compassion and care for all parties involved. We highly recommend them for anyone considering domestic adoption.

Lance, Susie and Alexandra