Our House Is Now A Home

Dear Adopting Parent(s),

shutterstock_146409239We are writing you this letter on behalf of A is for adoption. After years of going through the infertility “roller coaster” we decided to explore the Avenue of adoption. Like most couples, we did not know how or where to begin our research. All of the myths of having to wait so long for a baby and that financially it would be on obtainable played over and over in our head.

We were very open to all of our friends and family about our plan to adopt. We turned to them for guidance and reassurance that we were making the right decision. Well, it was fate. Our friends spread the word for Russ and we were referred to A is 4 Adoption. From the first time we called and spoke with the staff, we felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and compassion for our situation; do to the fact that the founders are also adoptive parents. They were very personable and hands on from the beginning. My husband, Joe and I appreciated their honesty and candor.

We immediately began the process. We were very excited because we knew that starting a family was now becoming reality. We quickly put together a photo album showcasing our wonderful life together and letter to prospective birthmothers asking for their consideration.

Joe and I called the office frequently to keep updated. I was at work one morning and I received a call from them saying that a baby girl was born in the middle of the night, they ask if they have permission to present. We said of course!!! That it was the longest day of our lives, waiting patiently for the news . . That evening around 8 PM, we received the call. Joe answer the phone and came running into the kitchen saying that the birth parents chose us. We were so excited! At that exact moment, we instantly became parents to beautiful baby girl. We did not even have one diaper!!!

The next day we quickly rushed to the hospital to meet our new daughter, the birth parents and sign necessary adoption paperwork. We were met at the hospital and guided through the process. A is 4 Adoption was there every step of the way. They took the unknown and fear out of our option. They helped to make our adoption experience go smoothly and made us feel like family.

Our house is now home with her beautiful baby girl named Katie. We feel we would still be waiting if it was not for A is 4 Adoption and wonderful people like Laurie Colton and Sam Ewart.

Joe, Rose and Katie