Our Lives Have Been So Incredibly Blessed

Dear Adopting Parent(s),

shutterstock_117705031We are writing to tell everyone about the wonderful experience we have had with A is 4 Adoption I. our adopted daughter, Jessica, is now 15 months old and our time with her has been absolutely amazing. We open us all to Laurie, Sam, Rose, and the rest of the killing stuff at A is 4 Adoption.

After several emotional years of going through the infertility process we decided to explore adoption. Our first inclination was to focus on an international adoption because we heard so many stories about the challenges of adopting domestically. After researching this option thoroughly, we decided it wasn’t the right avenue for us and began focusing on selecting an agency specializing into to domestic adoptions. We interviewed many fine agencies and became more knowledgeable about the process and the between agencies. One of the last agencies we interviewed was A is 4 Adoption and it was immediately clear to ask that they were the right fit for us.

What stood out for us about “A is 4 Adoption” were their focus on interstate adoptions, their commitment to be by your side through the entire process, and the sincerity and carrying of everyone at “A is 4 Adoption”. For us, even though we did a lot of research adopting was still a very scary process filled with the unknowns. Because of “A is 4 Adoption”, the actual experience was one of the highlights of our lives. It couldn’t have gone any smoother and everyone at “A is 4 Adoption” made us feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way. We know we could call on them for anything.

Within two weeks of initially meeting with Laurie, Sam, and Rose, we got a call that they had a potential match with the birthmother. The next day we met the birthmother and started the most amazing journey of our lives. Four months later, we were present at the birth of our beautiful daughter, Jessica. We had a wonderful experience during the time leading up to Jessica’s birth with the birthmother and her family. This was an unexpected blessing and something that really changed our minds about open adoption. Laurie and Sam were great sounding boards about how to approach this special journey and helped us i enrich our lives in many ways we could not have imagined going into this process.

The adoption process involves many wonderful and caring people in addition to Laurie and her team at “A is 4 Adoption”. Having a great network to support the process is critical to everything going smoothly. It is a real testament to “A is 4 Adoption” that they have such a network and that they are so extremely well thought of by everyone we came in contact with throughout the process.

It’s been 15 months since Jessica’s birth and our lives have been so incredibly blessed. We’ll it all to a loving birthmother and the wonderful people at “A is 4 Adoption”.

Joe and Karel