They Truly Seem To Care!

Dear Birthmoms,

shutterstock_86844172A is 4 Adoption has been a God send in my life.  Not only did they help me find a wonderful family to raise my child, but they have treated me like family.  I can not thank them enough for turning a difficult situation into something that actually brought me a lot of joy.  The women at A is 4 Adoption, literally took care of all of my needs.  They pampered me, comforted me, listened to me and became true friends through the process.

I spoke with a few adoption agencies before deciding on A is 4 Adoption and they didn’t seem to care much about me.  They asked me a lot of questions about my baby and it’s ethnicity and the father, but all the questions seemed to be focused on what they were going to get out of the situation.  I never felt that way about A is 4 Adoption.  They truly seem to care.

I wanted to share my experience so you would know that good things can come from your situation and you do have options.