We Cannot Rave Enough About This Organization

Dear Adopting Family,

shutterstock_112705648We’re writing this letter on behalf of “A is 4 Adoption”. We cannot rave enough about this organization. Prior to contracting “A is 4 Adoption”, our family have been waiting for an adoption match through our lawyer in adoption agency for 3 1/2 years. It was a long and emotional wait. Our five-year-old adopted son was praying every night for you sibling. It was part wrenching. We then heard about “A is 4 Adoption”. After we met them, they matched us with a birthmother in just a couple of weeks!

Part of their success can be explained by the level of attention they get to their birthmother. They spend a great deal of time and energy ensuring that they have proper medical attention, living circumstances, and emotional support even after the birth. They have a genuine interest in helping them succeed in life. They are equally committed to pick up some family. The level of support and accessibility we experienced with “A is 4 Adoption” is unsurpassed. They were so flexible and understanding with regards to our every need and concern. While at the hospital, they were there for us every step of the way. “A is 4 Adoption” was there for us to step of the way. They wanted to see that our family was happy and that our parenting aspirations would finally be to fulfilled.

Laurie is an adoptive mom herself and can understand from the heart the emotional stress of the entire process. She’s very supportive and caring. The staff at “A is 4 Adoption” has worked in this field for many years and displays a level of commitment that can only be explained as a labor of love. Their efforts go above and beyond what anyone might expect, in order to ensure that the adoption is a success. They are committed to maintaining a small caseload so that they can continue to meet the needs of their clients, and so that their clients may not have to endure the unreasonably long wait that one might experience in other places.

We are currently enjoying our new baby daughter, our dream come true. This is due in large part of the hard-working efforts “A is 4 Adoption”.