We Owe You Our Thanks & Gratitude

Dear Julie and Laurie,

shutterstock_132874577We owe you our thanks and gratitude for help helping bring Ethan into our lives. Who would’ve thought that when we spoke in January that we would be bringing our new send home in March.

When we first decided to adopt we had planned to use an overseas adoption firm because of all horror stories in the news about the mastic adoptions. We told our family and friends of our plans, but a friend of the family recommended that we speak with “A is 4 Adoption”.

In our first phone call if you took the time to explain the process, answered every question and allay our fears about domestic adoption. Throughout the entire adoption process you were always successful to answer phone calls. Communication from you was especially important to us because we lived on the other side of the country from the birthmother. we never lacked for information or status report on the birthmother or the adoption process.

Time and again you demonstrated your commitment to helping us as well the birthparents through the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process. You went above and beyond the call of duty in many ways including taking the birthmother to her appointments, helping her with all of her needs, answering every question on every detail that we had.

When we tell people how we were blessed with Ethan you could never express the attachment that we developed with “A is 4 Adoption”, Julie and Laurie. With saying that your emotional commitment goes beyond the business and we can’t describe it, measure it, or put a price tag on it.

You have helped us become a family four. You will always be part of our family and never be forgotten.

Dave, Rhonda, Jeremy & Ethan