We Will Always Be Grateful To Them

Dear Prospective Adoptive Parent(s),

shutterstock_146409248There are truly angels in Costa Mesa and they all work for A is 4 Adoption. I can’t even put into words what these ladies have done for us and how they have helped us complete our family. My husband and I were so overwhelmed with all the information on the Internet when we were starting to think about adoption. We came to Laurie with many questions and at our first consultation with Laurie, we felt so comfortable and satisfied with information they had given us. We knew we were ready to adopt and complete our family.

After signing with them, Rose laughed and told us, ”We’re going to find a match for you really quick or you ready?” I was so excited that day because I knew we were finally going to have a baby. Only three weeks later, we got the call. They told us our son had been born and was ready to join our family. We were shocked and excited and couldn’t sleep because we were so excited.

Dave came into the world a little early and was in the NICU for two weeks but my husband and I were there to feed, cuddle and bond with our little angel. Our adoption process went so smoothly and we were so lucky to have a wonderful birth mom that was very satisfied with her decision. I was always calling the office and someone was always there to answer my frantic questions and to reassure me every moment that everything was going to be okay. The A is 4 Adoption team was there for all of our emotions and they really did hold our hands to the whole process.

David is our pride and joy and makes everyday of our lives exciting and different. My husband and I can’t stop watching him every second to see what he will do next. We love him with all of our hearts and we truly know that this was meant to happen and that adoption was the right choice for our new family. The ladies at A is 4 Adoption have completed our family and we will always be grateful to them for the gifts they have given us. David is the most precious gift we could have received.

Please feel free to call Jose and I with any questions you have about the angels at At is 4 Adoption.

Christa, Jose and David