1. It Is Because Of Them That We Found Our Angel!

    Dear Prospective Parent(s), We are writing this letter to let you know that you have chosen a wonderful organization to help you with your adoption! We are so grateful that A is 4 Adoption and their staff came into our lives. It is because of them that we found our angel! Our son was born on May 17, 2011 and he is now almost 9 months old. How the time flies! We had tried for several years to get p…Read More

    Kim and Dave
  2. They really are sweethearts

    I'm writing this letter because I want other birth mom's to know that this decision is truly an unselfish one. I know its really hard to think that your child will be living with someone else, but the people who will be living with him/her will be people who really want to have kids but unfortunately can't! I must say that Julie and Laurie really are as good as their word. They go out of their way…Read More

  3. Our House Is Now A Home

    Dear Adopting Parent(s), We are writing you this letter on behalf of A is for adoption. After years of going through the infertility “roller coaster” we decided to explore the Avenue of adoption. Like most couples, we did not know how or where to begin our research. All of the myths of having to wait so long for a baby and that financially it would be on obtainable played over and over in our …Read More

    Joe, Rose and Katie
  4. God bless Julie and Laurie

    Dear Birthmother, Allow me to commend you on your decision to place your child for adoption. Thankfully, you have chosen A is 4 Adoption to help you through this very difficult time. I found A is 4 Adoption in the darkest time in my life. I was four months pregnant, living in my friend's two bedroom duplex with her three children, with no income, and with no foreseeable hope. I made the call and m…Read More

  5. We Will Always Be Grateful To Them

    Dear Prospective Adoptive Parent(s), There are truly angels in Costa Mesa and they all work for A is 4 Adoption. I can't even put into words what these ladies have done for us and how they have helped us complete our family. My husband and I were so overwhelmed with all the information on the Internet when we were starting to think about adoption. We came to Laurie with many questions and at our f…Read More

    Christa, Jose and David
  6. I couldn’t have done it without all the help

    Dear Laurie and Julie, Here is a little note just to say thank you for everything. Both of you have done so much for me, you are the sweetest women, I believe that you are truly meant for what you do. You both have made me feel so loved and cared about. I have gone through so much in the past 9 months, but I couldn't have done it without all the help, love, and support you have showered me with.…Read More

  7. Our Lives Have Been So Incredibly Blessed

    Dear Adopting Parent(s), We are writing to tell everyone about the wonderful experience we have had with A is 4 Adoption I. our adopted daughter, Jessica, is now 15 months old and our time with her has been absolutely amazing. We open us all to Laurie, Sam, Rose, and the rest of the killing stuff at A is 4 Adoption. After several emotional years of going through the infertility process we decided …Read More

    Joe and Karel
  8. We Want To Thank You For A Wonderful Experience

    Dear Laurie, Diane and Rose, At this year ends and time to give thanks arrives, we have not let pass opportunity to let you know how thankful we are to you for your help with the adoption of Sofi, are baby girl. It would be the understatement of the year to say that she has changed our lives. We cannot be happier with the decision to work with “A is 4 Adoption” to help us with our wish of adop…Read More

    Andres and Becky
  9. Our Girl Is Such A Blessing!

    Dear Parents To Be, This letter is to share our good news to recommend “A is 4 Adoption”. Our story is probably similar to others; we've been trying to have a child for number of years. After two miscarriages in countless rounds of fertility treatments, we decided to attend the annual Resolve Adoption Conference. We were initially considering International adoption, but that option did not see…Read More

    Lance, Susie and Alexandra
  10. It Was An Answer To Our Prayers

    To Whom It May Concern, It was an answer to prayer that lead us to “A is 4 Adoption” in October 2003. My husband and I had planned on filing for adoption through a different agent but we're hit with undisclosed costs at the last minute, which led us to start our search all over again. I opened up the phone book and “A is 4 Adoption” was the first listing under adoption so I started there. …Read More

    Larry and Angela