A is 4 Adoption provides private adoptions.If you’ve been researching adoption as a family building option, you’ve probably come across a tale or two about a birthmother changing their mind and taking the baby back. It’s an adoptive family’s worst nightmare, and it’s incredibly hard for everyone involved. It’s also one of the most common concerns that potential adopters have when they first speak to an adoption agency in California. However, if you are a potential adopter you should know that these cases are extremely rare. Most agencies can tell you that of the hundreds of cases they’ve handled over many, many years, they only have a handful of examples of the birth mother changing her mind.

However, even the smallest chance can make a prospective adopter lay awake at night. That’s why our adoption center takes steps to mitigate that risk and help ensure that the birth mother is absolutely ready to sever her parental rights and give her the support that she needs to make the best decision for the child.

How We Mitigate the Risk

Communication with the birth father.

We want to make sure that the genetic father of the child understands and agrees with the decision being made. If there are any issues with the birth father, we attempt to address those as soon as possible and get him on board with the decision.

Communication with the genetic grandparents.

Grandparents want birth mom to keep the baby and promise to help her raise the child. We offer support and counseling to help sort out grandparent issues and ensure they agree with the decision being made.

Support for birth mother during and after her pregnancy.

Many of the birth mothers who come to our adoption center are in crisis; they may be too young to raise the baby on the own, they might not have a job or home, and many of them are scared about what the future holds. We provide them with the support that can help them get back on their feet.

We’re at the hospital to ensure a smooth transition.

When the baby is born, one of our experienced team members will be on site to help ensure there is a smooth transition to the adoptive parents. Having someone supportive at the hospital with her can help make birth mother’s transition much easier and peaceful. They’ll know that they’ve made the right choice for the future of the baby.

Put Your Fears Aside and Contact Our Team

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