Adoption Agency CAAt A Is 4 Adoption, we think you deserve to experience all the joy and excitement that birth mothers do when they are expecting. However, many future mothers feel awkward about throwing a baby shower when they are not having a baby, or when they aren’t sure who they are adopting yet. With our simple adoption process, we are able to match you with a birth mother before the baby is even born, which you may not see with other adoption agencies throughout California. Being matched this way allows you to play an important role in your baby’s life before he or she is even born, and that includes throwing an adoption shower.

These are some unique, adorable baby shower ideas for adoptive mothers:

Adoption Party Themes

The Missing Piece

Having a puzzle-themed party is a great way to show how your baby on the way is your missing piece. Some features could include:

  • Blank puzzle-shaped notes where guests can write a piece of advice
  • Puzzle party decorations
  • Jigsaw puzzle-shaped “We Found Our Missing Piece” or “You Complete Us” cake
  • If you already know if it is a boy or girl, think about having a common color theme

Love Makes Us Family

This is a theme that tugs on the hearts of every parent, especially adoptive parents. The idea that love, not blood, is what makes a family is a beautiful inspiration with which you can start your adoption celebration.

These are some ideas for this theme:

  • Use trees for decoration pieces and cake theme
  • Think about painting a tree on a canvas, with the leaves as fingerprints of your family members
  • Have family members write notes of love on long strips of paper, and join them into a paper chain for the baby’s room, so you are “Joined by Love”
  • Have seeds as party favors, saying “Love Makes Good Things Grow”

Gift Themes

Parties where you tell the guests to bring a themed gift can give you a chance to get the items you really need and want. Especially if this isn’t your first child, themed gifts are the perfect way to keep the excitement of a baby shower alive.

The Pampered Mother Shower

You work hard as a mother, and will need time to pamper yourself! Have guests bring gifts that you can use to relax, including:

  • Spa gift card
  • Massage gift card
  • Foot scrubs
  • Pedicure gift card
  • Essential oils and diffuser
  • Bath salts
  • Books for you to read during feeding time

It’s the Simple Things Shower

Adoption Agency CAHaving your guests bring you “services” instead of gifts won’t be as fun to open, but we know you will love these simple services for the first month after bringing baby home. Ideas for your guests include:

  • Having dinner delivered to your home for a week or once a week for a month
  • Fresh flower delivery once a week for a month
  • Cleaning service once or twice in the first month
  • Play dates/babysitting for a couple hours in the first month
  • Baked goods delivery

Many times, adoptive parents will recommend you wait until you bring the baby home to have your shower, that way it can double as a “meet our new addition” open house, but the decision is yours to make! Take these ideas and make them your own for an adoption shower you won’t soon forget.