Regardless of where they came from, siblings often quarrel and squabble, often over minor reasons. While this can frustrate even the most patient parents, it’s imperative to know that this behavior is both commonplace and normal. This phenomenon is also not exclusive to biological siblings. For adoptive parents questing for an adoption agency in California, look no further! Unlike normal agencies, our adoption center is focused on providing birth mother help while also working with prospective parents to find the perfect match. Last week, we jumped into the phenomenon known as sibling rivalry and how it causes much of the fighting amongst kinfolk. This blog will cover more sources that cause the fracas.

  • Competitive natures. As we have said before, sibling rivalry is born from the competition that is common between children of the same family. Issues can arise when one child earns an achievement, be it a trophy or praise from an adult. The other kids will automatically harbor feelings of resentment and jealousy. Regardless of genetic origin, children will strive to be the best amongst their family peers. While this is healthy for self-improvement, too much competition can certainly lead to endless quarreling.
  • Age differences. For many siblings, the gap in years can be a source for discord. Younger children are often unable to understand the differences between their lives and the lives of older siblings. Older kids will be quick to call their brother or sister’s activities childish and boring. This natural conflict can be exacerbated when involving adopted children. The strain of trying to fit in can certainly be enhanced by the inability to relate to an older or younger family member. Feeling isolated from a sibling can lead to frustration, which, of course, can lead to strife.
  • Resentment and jealousy. Children can be quick to anger when faced with complex emotions. When one child succeeds or shows promise in one area, the other siblings may experience varying levels of jealousy. That trophy we mentioned earlier may become the catalyst for a new feud between siblings. Competition and jealousy can go hand-in-hand to create conflict within your home. As the parent, it is always wise to step in and explain to all parties that all people excel in different areas. While your oldest may be a natural athlete, the middle child may exhibit prowess in academia. Everyone is different, and everyone is talented in their own way.
  • Space conflicts. Long periods of close quarters can lead to shorter fuses. As with adults, kids sometimes need their own space to decompress and relax. Often, siblings spend long stretches of time in the same space. While this is a common conflict, it can be mitigated some via communication. You and your kids should be able to discuss your issues and how some alone time can be a favorable option for when tempers start flaring.

Sibling rivalry can be seen more as a normal human behavior than anything else. Children who fight with their siblings are the rule, not the exception. While this behavior is normal, there are ways for parents to get involved to help ease the tensions. For prospective parents looking to adopt a child, we can help! A is 4 Adoption is a local adoption center that was created to circumvent the issues involved with adoption agencies here in California. If you’re interested in the adoption process, don’t hesitate to contact us today!