We are a family-owned adoption center, and because of this, we understand the deep and profound importance of family. That is why we, unlike any other organization, focus on caring for the birth mother as best as we can. If you’re considering open adoption on either end, we want you to be aware of these myths.

Myth: Open adoption is a form of co-parenting. False! In open adoption, the line between family members is clearly defined. The adoptive parents and birth parents do not have shared custody.

Myth: Open adoption is confusing to children. Children understand the difference between their adoptive parents and their birth parents, and what their roles and responsibilities are. And so do both sets of parents.

Myth: Adopted child grow up hating their birth mothers. Open adoption allows adopted children to having an ongoing relationship with their birth parents. As a result, they have the ability to ask their birth parents questions surrounding their adoption, making them less likely to have doubts or to feel bitterness towards their parents.

Myth: Most open adoption relationships between adoptive parents and birth parents eventually break down. Although some relationships do break down because of disagreements between adoptive parents and birth parents, the vast majority of them are successful. Because most adoption agreements aren’t legally binding, the key is to create last relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

Myth: When they’re older, adopted children eventually return to live with their birth parents. For adopted children, home is with their adoptive family. That’s where they were raised, and that’s where they usually live until they’re ready to move out.