As a birth mother, you make the decisions for your child, and you have decided to give your child up for adoption. When putting your child up for adoption there are many options that will have an impact on how your future and your child’s future will look. Take a look at this general overview of options.  

You can choose to have a closed adoption where the adoptive family doesn’t have access to your family medical history, can’t contact you or don’t know why you gave the child up for adoption. Or you can choose to have an open adoption or semi-open adoption. An open adoption is where you and the family will have contact as the child grows up, sharing moments through in-person contact, getting pictures and emails or information from the adoptive parents throughout the child’s life. On the other hand, a semi-open adoption involves some contact between you and the adoptive parents and child, but they have access to you for questions about health issues and other concerns as the child grows. Updates may occur throughout the years as well, but it’s not as involved as the open adoption. In both open and semi-open adoptions, there are many different levels of contact and communication depending on what you and the adoptive family decide is appropriate.

Just because open and semi-open adoptions are the trend, it is up to you, the birth mother, to choose how to give your child up for adoption. Weigh your options and understand what each option means for the long term. Know you have helpful and well-versed advisers with advice or counsel. A is 4 Adoption is an adoption center that can help. We offer support to mothers as they are looking to give up their child for adoption. Contact our friendly staff 24 hours a day to discuss your options.