Adoption is a beautiful process, full of love and joy for you and the child. However, it can be difficult to introduce a new child into your existing family, especially if you have biological children and extended family members who aren’t used to the idea of adoption. Because we are a private adoption center in California, our experts are able to help you every step of the way, ensuring that you are confident in the process and able to create a loving, caring environment for your entire family. It is always our goal to give every child their best chance at a happy life, and we know that in order to do that the best we can, we have to work closely with birth mothers and adoptive parents alike.

While we generally work with adoptive families who are looking to adopt a baby, and we understand that adopting a toddler or preschooler is quite different, we always want to work to help families make a smooth transition.

Adopting A Baby

Infants require very little prep time to come into a new home. It is important for you to best understand your new baby’s needs, allergies, and any other information that is available, but overall, infants are very adaptable and will soon be content in their new home life. As with all adjustments, expect the baby to wake up and cry more frequently than normal at first. This should pass within a week as they begin to adjust to a new home and new routine.

Adopting An Older Child

If you are adopting an older child, the process of introducing them into your home life and your family can be much more complex. The older children get, the more complex their emotions become, and it is important as their parent for you to understand and work through those emotions with them.

When you meet your child, it is important that you and your partner are there, calm, understanding, and patient. Typically, we’ll recommend that families keep any biological or previously adopted children at home so that your new child doesn’t get too overwhelmed. Bring them a small gift and talk about your home dynamic, the other children that can’t wait to meet them, and how excited you are to start a new life with them. For a child that may feel rejected, making them feel loved and welcome is the best first step.

Give your child time to adjust to home life before you begin to introduce them to neighbors, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Take that time to show your child pictures of their new extended family members, emphasizing that shared love is what is important, not bloodlines. This way, they won’t feel out of place in a family that is all related.

Adoption is a beautiful process that lasts a lifetime, and it is our goal to make it simpler. From start to finish, we are passionate about ensuring that both family and child are a good fit for each other, and we are dedicated to helping produce happy, healthy lives to all children. Learn more about our private adoption services and contact us today!