A is 4 Adoption is an adoption organization interested in working on behalf of individuals, couples and families who are committed to the dream of adding to their family through the miracle of adoption. We only work with potential adoptive parents who have been carefully screened and who we consider to be highly likely to be successful in the adoption process. To help insure your success in adopting the child of your dreams, we limit the number of adoptive parents we work with at any one time to help minimize the wait time for a successful match between birthmothers and adoptive parent(s). Our wait time is low and our success rate is extremely high.

A is 4 Adoption provides extensive birthmother outreach throughout California and has a strong reputation for quality assistance and caring. This along with a robust adoption awareness advertising campaign provides us with a steady stream of birthmother leads and referrals. Nobody takes better care of birthmothers than A is 4 Adoption, which means happier, healthier babies.

Finding Your Child

We never ask you to compete for the attention of birthmothers through social media outlets. Instead, we provide you with personal introductions to birthmothers that greatly increase your likelihood of a successful match. Then we create a personalized adoption plan that is right for both parties and professionally manage every aspect of that plan. We keep in frequent communication in a loving and supportive way with all individuals we work with, helping to ensure that the adoption process stays on track as we guide you through every step of your adoption.

If you are serious about adoption and providing a loving home for a child in the near future, apply now.
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Baby Steps

A is 4 Adoption is committed to lead you to the miracle of adoption, with each step of the process going as smoothly as possible. How do we do this?

  • First Step, we limit the number of adopting parent(s) we work with, so you are assured of personalized service throughout the adoption process. For your comfort, you may choose an open or private adoption.
  • Second Step A is 4 Adoption only works with birthmothers who are California residents.This allows us to maintain close contact and provide support services, as needed. All of our birthmothers are thoroughly screened for personal, family, and birthfather history. In our birthmother screening procedures, A is 4 Adoption obtains an available medical history, along with coordinating her pre-natal care upon her approval. If she needs housing and financial support, we make arrangements for her. Additionally, A is 4 Adoption addresses birthfather and grandparent issues in an effort to ensure the entire family is on board with the adoption decision.
  • Third Step, after finding birth parents who are a potential match, A is 4 Adoption sets up interviews and match meetings, where we serve as mediators to make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone. Sometimes adoptive parents find it hard to express themselves in words. That is why A is 4 Adoption will help you create a profile letter and compile a photo collage to present to prospective birth parents. When we find the right birthmother for you, A is 4 Adoption facilitates the legal procedures through our network of highly qualified attorneys who specialize in adoption. When the baby is born, an A is 4 Adoption staff member will be available at the hospital to provide emotional support and create a smooth transition. A is 4 Adoption understands you are unique individuals who have something extraordinary to offer a baby who needs a home.


Find The Child Of Your Dreams

We understand how frustrating it can be waiting for a child that never seems to come. As a woman and a wife wishing to adopt many years ago, and now the founder of A is 4 Adoption, my husband and I suffered through endless months of stress and heartache while trying to adopt our daughter. We dealt with agencies who treated us like a number, didn’t have the compassion for our individual situation, gave us very little hope and lacked skills and experience making our adoption very challenging. It was after this frustrating experience that we vowed to create our own organization that would value and respect our clients and above all create an uncomplicated system for creating new families. Whether you have just started the process of learning about adoption, or if you have already been waiting for some time for a child to enter your lives without success, you have found the right place. A is 4 Adoption would love to be your partner in growing your family.
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