We talked briefly last week about unique and fun ways to announce your adoption before your child is born, but announcing your baby’s birth and that you are finally bringing him or her home is even more important and exciting news to share. We understand the adoption process can be long and trying, especially if you have worked previously with a government adoption agency in California. As a private adoption center, we do our best to make domestic adoption a beautiful experience and one you’ll truly be excited to share.

Fun Ideas for Post-Birth Adoption Announcements

Bringing your child home should be a celebration, not only for your immediate family, but for your extended family and your friends to share. Consider some of these fun and unique ways to announce your baby’s “Gotcha Day” and send them to everyone you know!

1 – Announcement Card

There are many sites that will let you design a special announcement card, and you can make it match your tastes! Personalize a common birth announcement with a “Welcome Home” statement, your new baby’s birthday, and his or her “Gotcha Date” by saying “Love makes us a family” or “Forever a family” and a picture of your child.

2 – Make a Blog

This is something we encourage all of our adoptive parents to do. There are many services online that allow you to create a free blog or web page where you can announce your adoption, the day you brought your child home, and more about the entire process. It can be a great outreach tool for you to find other adoptive parents, and also an easy way for a birth parent in an open adoption to feel connected to your child.

3 – Personalized Treats

There are clever personalized candy bars out there, one of which we have seen with a Hershey’s® bar. The parents (who adopted a girl) wrapped the candy in a pink wrapper that said “HERESHEIS” with the child’s name on the front and her details on the back. When you are customizing your own, think about adding:

  • Birth date
  • “In our arms” date
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Your names (“Loved by proud parents…”)
  • Any siblings’ names (“Approved by…” or “…Seal of Approval”)
  • “Ingredients” section where you can add anything else you want to say

Wording Your Announcement

We know how very excited you are to have a new member in your family. However, you may be at a loss for words as to what to say on your adoption announcement. Consider some of these options, or check out Baby Announcement Ideas for more:

Simple, Straightforward Announcements:

“She’s Here!” or “He’s Here!”

“Look who just joined our family!”

Formal, Beautiful Announcements:

“With long awaited joy, we are proud to announce the official adoption of the newest member of our family.”

“We are overjoyed to introduce our family’s newest member.”

Casual, Light-Hearted Announcements

“We’re happy to announce a new addition to our line-up.”

“Good things come in small packages. Ours arrived today!”

Cute Poems

“We’ll never forget for even a minute,
he grew not under my heart, but in it.”

“He wasn’t expected,
he was selected.”

At A Is 4 Adoption, we love that we have the opportunity to congratulate you on the newest member of your family! We understand personally what a miracle adoption can be, and we are so happy to be able to share it with you.